Palimpsest – Russia 1917

 A|D|C are the Acid Drop Copse collective, a group of British artists formed in 2015 with a collective aim to distil conceptions of historic, world-changing events into unusual and unchartered artistic directions. Works will be stimulating, fun, conflicted and occasionally antagonistic.  

The Soviet Palimpsest.  /palɪm(p)sɛst/: Altered, effaced, reused, a construct that retains its own history. Distorted layers built one upon the other, many still apparent beneath the surface, Not dead but dormant.

To coincide with the centenary of The October Revolution, the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and the birth of the communist experiment; A|D|C present its show: ‘Palimpsest’ at the Vout-O-Reenee’s Stash Gallery July 12th – 21st July 2018, including Russian themed events, a discussion night ‘Russia 100 years on’ and a Russian fancy dress party ‘One Last Shot’. All events are free to enter.

For Free tickets for the Journalist Q&A event click here.

For Free tickets to the Russian themed party click here.

A|D|C presented “The Somme” at ArtMoorHouse in November 2016.
The first London showing of the group was selected as Exhibition of the Week by Jonathan Jones, art critic of The Guardian.

For Palimpsest the Acid Drop Copse collective // A|D|C are: Ingrid Barber, Jeremy Clark, Helen J Gray, Mehan Fernando, Jermaigne  Sadie, Karen Block, Michael Isaac, Abel Kesteven, Layla Josephine, Brandon Jackson, Ed Alves & Wolanski.