Mehan Fernando


My current practice explores painting and drawing that is fed through my interests of nature, horror and fantasy that incorporates the hybrid creature. I also incorporate my young experiences of war and woe from the Sri Lankan Civil War. My work is often in stark contrast, with a distinct methodology and context. The work is established through the combination of a miniature painting process and the intimacy of the Northern Gothic tradition, with iconography that is sometimes violent or disturbing. I am particularly interested in how material, scale and image can function as complementary elements, revealing the beautifully disturbing creations in which propels curiosity and narrative.

My canvas is lead material. The texture and appearance of lead reveals the gritty coldness of war, and the leads toxicity relates to the anguish. Lead is a durable and pliable material used in war machinery and weapons. The paintings incorporate detailed imagery of the reality that was centred within WWI.

Attrition Infliction on the Sward


Oil on Lead

40 x 40 cm

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