A|D|C – Palimpsest – The Russian Revolution

“Palimpsest” will be at Vout-O-Reenee’s in London from Thursday July 12th to Sat July 21st.

Access to the gallery and Palimpsest events are free.

For free tickets to the journalist discussion Q&A on Monday July 16th click here.

For free tickets to the Russian themed party on Saturday July 21st click here.

A|D|C are a group of British transdisciplinary makers from diverse artistic backgrounds who embrace and thrive on the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

The Soviet Palimpsest. /palɪm(p)sɛst/: Altered, effaced, reused, a construct that retains its own history. Distorted layers built one upon the other, many still apparent beneath the surface, Not dead but dormant.

Each artist will express their views of what Palimpsest means to them – their personal distillations and interpretations made manifest.

A|D|C artists’ fields of exploration include: Transitional States, The Tzarist Order, Soviet Gods and Icons, Folklore Legends, Manifesto, Utopian futures, Propaganda, Humans & Oligarchs, the Gulags, Space Exploration Stories, Faberge, Geometric Conceptions and Metamorphosis.