Reza Bagheri

Reza is an abstract painter who is interested in the radical transformation of materials, the creation of memory – references to the ancient world. His work has two aspects: the inspirational/conceptual/aesthetic and the craft, and he considers both of them in his work, which is to go on pleasing the informed observer. They are also interdependent. His practice is examining materials and techniques to encourage new perspectives and ideas. He explores the materiality through my works, creating new ways in witch contemporary art can be perceived. His practice offer examples of how work’s materials, subject and surroundings can be placed in a stable but open-ended structure that challenges perception and reinvents form. The aspect of his practice looks at visual investigating decay industrial and urban landscape and similarity founds in natural world. His work is both representations of the objects and scenes that inspire him as well as abstract reinterpretation of these objects. The work likes something between mimicry and the fake, and the represented fundamentally about creating illusions and rethinking pictorial space