Karen Block – Does The Land Ever Forget?


This series of photographs are a personal journey across Russia exploring the vast landscapes of beauty, mystery and suffering. 

Homage to Citizen Solzhenitsyn

A former prisoner, Russian novelist and survivor of the “gulag” system.  Travelling out of Yekaterinburg along the Moskovskiy Trakt to the Memorial dedicated to victims of the political repressions of the 1930s and prisoners of the Gulags. 18,475 names of Soviet citizens are printed here. The black cross stands proud amongst the mass graves.


It is hard to believe that in the peaceful forests of Ganina Yama the dead Romanov family were dumped down a mine shaft. Not far from this tragic sight is now a Monastery dedicated to the Tsar’s family.


Dust to dust

So many overgrown tomb stones, abandoned….. but people do not forget. Generations of repression, torture and loss.

On Palimpsest:            Does the land ever forget?

“So many secrets buried in the tundra
– so many lies blanketed by snow
– so many spirits screaming into the desolate vastness of the bitter cold air…”

“Neither man nor nature can stop the eyes from seeing even if you try to obscure my vision”. 

“I will still see you and indeed see through you and if my conscious vision is distorted, you cannot disturb my subconscious eye.”  👁 👁