Michael Isaac – Constructions

“Construct 2 – Hammer and Spark

“Layering process out of a need to erase previous forms & ideas”

Through a change of scale and style from previous work, a more delicate work process looks to demonstrate progression to a new style of brutalist construction.

“Construct 4- D-Dabro’ (Cyrillic character)

Through ‘Constructions‘ the artist explores references to architecture, and an interest in the verb ‘building’ that evokes a practice centred in the aesthetic of labouring and construction. Reclaimed materials, including waste commonly associated with building sites, retain histories of past applications.
The use of these waste materials can be considered a rethinking of materials rather than simply the recycling of thrown away objects. The final outcome then acts as a visual synopsis of the endeavour undertaken in the collecting, caring and re-presenting of materials.

“Construct 3 – Tatlin cast”