The Acid Drop Copse [1] collective was formed in 2016 through a shared interest in exploring how practitioners from diverse transdisciplinary backgrounds might respond to historical or political events.  Not disposed to answers, or neat visual solutions, neither playing homage to or being critical of particular events, A|D|C seeks to explore the historical distillations that permeates contemporary image making.  This will at times be conflicted, antagonistic, offering both resonances and oblique departures that drives art production into new and uncertain territories.  As artists, designers and makers we forever capitulate to the present, but equally recognise that we cannot escape historical imperatives.  

[1] Acid Drop Copse was a wood in the battlefields of the Somme, nick-named by the soldiers after the tart acid-drop boiled sweet they remembered from home.  The collective was inspired by the name, and like the confectionary is a complex mixture of bitter/sweet flavours. 

Permanent Members:

Ingrid Barber
Jeremy Clark
Helen Grey