Ingrid Barber

Ingrid Barber is an artist and a maker. A narrative thread informs her work and a fascination with memory and history is at the heart of her practice. Materials and found objects are key to her methodology. Her work is created out of a need to deal with life’s transience. People and places pass and disappear, she strives to pickle and preserve them for the next generation. Memories in a jar to be kept until they are reopened and reinvented by the future.

In 2015 a memory project entitled “If These Walls Could Speak” about a derelict house sold to a private collector. Meanwhile, the Fine Art Society in London exhibited “The Other Side of the Hill”, a large-scale encaustic piece celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. In 2016, inspired by her relative Sydney Hurst who died in World War One, Ingrid created work to commemorate the Somme with the art collective Acid Drop Copse. 2017 will see a solo exhibition in Surrey and further collaborations with ADC in the UK and Europe.

It is the personal aspect of loss that forms the inspiration and focus of her work for this exhibition. This body of work is dedicated to Sydney Hurst.

1. After Caspar David Friedrich’s “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”

Wax on board with toy soldiers and pewter

125 x 75 cm

2. “Danke schön”

Box and objects under glass

46 x 30 x 10 cm

3. “Sitting Target”

Photomontage in resin on board

82 x 82 cm

4. “Coming back is harder”

oil and sewn canvas

100 x 80 cm

[All works 2016]