Karen Block

Karen J Block is a photographer and artist, she enjoys documenting people and places.  These images are part of a series called Connected.  They are about her father John Wallace, who found out he was adopted at the age of 69.  Connected explores the dichotomy between nature and nurture, a journey of self discovery.

The Somme personifies the fragility of life and although so many young men were all there together, most died alone.  This encapsulates the ultimate privacy and uniqueness of personal identity and these images are the photographer’s personal take on a series of her imagined grandfather’s life (using her father as the model).


1-5 Somme, Untitled


C-type on aluminium Dibond.  Limited edition of 5 + 2 artists proof

50.8 x 50.8 cm

“These photographs are taken from her “Who am I” collection.  This is an ongoing body of work.  These images of John Wallace will be her personal take on some of the identities which were lost forever in this brutal First World War episode.”