Michael Isaac


The Constructed sculpture aims to create the sense of confinement similar to that felt by the soldiers in the trenches. The dimensions aim to reflect that of an original trench from the Somme (Approx 7 ft deep/tall) and the aesthetic of the structure builds upon the viewers experience with the use of reclaimed materials.

Work undertaken by the artist to replace the floor of a Scout hut (6th Richmond “Lady Archers Own”, built in 1916) lead to the uncovering of original wooden tongue and grove flooring within the hut. By rethinking the material properties of the salvaged flooring, the piece of work produced aims to introduce a direct link from the era celebrated in this exhibit to how the materials are re-presented.

 71” x 25“ x 82”


Timber, wooden flooring, palates, sand bags

80 x 55 x 208 cm