Rob Miller

Ballistic Globes_Sand Cast Lead_8.5x8.5cm_2015

Ballistic Globes | Sand Cast Lead | 8.5×8.5cm | 2015

The Violent Act //

The objects selected for The Somme exhibition concern making & destruction, creation & obliteration – metaphors perhaps for the fruitless actions and radical failures of this battle.

The work on show forms part of a series exploring the elusive but enduring status of objects and thingness, through an indexical link to the dual conditioning agents of making and materiality.

Ballistic Box_Sand Cast Lead_5x7x10cm_2015

Ballistic Box | Sand Cast Lead | 5x7x10cm | 2015

His wild heart beats with painful sobs,
His strin’d hands clench an ice-cold rifle,
His aching jaws grip a hot parch’d tongue,
His wide eyes search unconsciously.

He cannot shriek.

Bloody saliva
Dribbles down his shapeless jacket.

I saw him stab
And stab again
A well-killed Boche.

This is the happy warrior,
This is he…

The Happy Warrior | Sir Herbert Read